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Project Logistics

Project Logistics

Sintek Logistics provides 4pl services on Energy, infrastructure and superstructure, transportation, industrial factory, dam, heavy industry and all other construction / mining project transportation. With having our own equipment, we are providing a unique loading and unloading service to our customers.

Our group companies which is SINTEK Mining and SINTEK Heavy Industries groups, We carry out their project shipments with great care and have successfully completed with creating alternative solutions in these projects, conducting optimum cost-benefit analyzes between transportation modes, and delivering on perfect condition and timely address deliveries with the top-level agencies worldwide.

  • All heavy and oversize industrial transportation (Transformer, LNG tanks, etc.)
  • Dry cargo, bulk chartering
  • Steel and iron transport
  • Raw material transport
  • Construction machinery transport
  • Ship + rail multi model transportation
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Fair & Exhibition Freight

Fair & Exhibition Freight

Sintek Logistics makes you sales oriented only on your fairs to bring just in the time with its quality and experience regardless of where the event you will attend

Sintek Logistics exhibition team is specializing in exhibition logistics integrated with the experience, reliability, service speed, service quality and customer-specific solutions that must be in exhibition logistics. At your service!

  • Ensuring the optimal shipping modes of transport (land, sea and air)
  • Fairground download, install, and service delivery to your booth
  • Storage and transportation services of empty packages and materials until the end of the fair
  • Overseas Customs Clearance and other logistics services
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Air Freight

Air Freight

Sintek Logistics provide time & price advantages to his customers through annual agreements and give airport or door delivery airline transportation services to / from anywhere in the world

Sintek logistics is a competent logistics service provider that has completed its investments to meet the demands of its customers for quality service and economic solutions. As a result we help our customers to compate with their foreign competitors with rapid delivery in the global arena.

  • From airport to airport delivery
  • Door Delivery from Airport
  • Aircraft Chartering
  • Door to Airport
  • Door to Door
  • Door delivery, including Customs clearance
  • Combined Transport (Sea + Air + Air)
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Ocean Freight

Ocean Freight

SINTEK Logistics offer to his customers regular, fast and if necessary alternative sea transportation routes between the world trade points through their freight & space agreements with carriers. This service creates an important advantage as a complementary element of the flexible supply chain, which is revealed by globalization in the world.

With the strong overseas agreements with their agencies globally, SINTEK logistics can provide door to door deliveries, FCL and LCL transportation services with all kind of multimodal options such as: truck + sea, air + sea, sea + air on. SINTEK logistics have a strong logistics capability & know how for offering multiple options for transportation.

  • Full Container (FCL)
  • Les container Load (LCL)
  • Container Special Equipment
  • Refrigerated Container Transportation
  • Iso Tank Containers, Container FlexiTank
  • Transit Cargo (made transit shipments through Turkey to Iraq and Turkic Republics)
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Road Freight

Road Freight

Sintek Logistics carries out smooth, fast and safe road transport services in import and export in line with the agreements it has made with the world's leading agencies.

Sintek Logistics, has the ability to provide Road Transport services to all European countries, especially Germany, Netherlands, Scandinavia, Italy, England, Austria, France, Greece, Belgium, Romania, Hungary and Poland, with weekly scheduled service via agency network, which can also deliver your full / partial cargoes from door to door.

We also give service to CIS countries and middle east via seaport transit It provides its services with the same meticulousness, and SINTEK has specialized in this region due to its investments within its structure.

  • It provides its services with the same meticulousness, and SINTEK has specialized in this region due to its investments within its structure.
  • Frigo Truck Service
  • Mega Truck, Tautliner , Maxima & Optima , Truck Solutions
  • Pre - Carriage and On - Carriage services
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Rail Freight

Rail Freight

With rail transport from Europe, CIS countries and China to Turkey, we create cost advantages to you for your both standart deliveries and door deliveries. All this services are served by 45" container types.

  • Multiple way to European destination to/from Turkey
  • Rail transportation service between Turkey and China with door delivery option till Gebze
  • Customer satisfaction-based approach is one of the basis of SINTEK culture together with the importance we attach to our employees and doing business as a team. This is the most important piece of our business style as SINTEK LOGISTICS A.S.
  • Multimodel transportation from seaports to China and CIS Countries
  • Unloading from Wagon
  • Lashing/Securing
  • Transit Cargo
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Vision & Mission


In accordance with the international transportation rules, we meet all the transportation and logistics demands of our customers within the scope of the trade they make and to organize the transportation they need which will provide them with the highest benefit.

Our Vission

We aim to be a reputable logistics service provider globally with its approach based on customer satisfaction and with our alternate solutions that make a difference to your logistics shipments.

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Company Our Values

Nature Friendly

As Sintek we carry out our projects safely without compromising our respect for the environment

Advanced technology

Using advanced technology products conducting our projects, we are embarking on projects with quick and effective solution.


With the high customer care by producing fast and on-site solutions we are giving importance to the expectations of our customers.


With the quality of our professional staff this adds to the confidence our customers hold in the foreground.

At Stake

Constantly renewing itself by following and understanding the modern technology and we are having progressive structure.


The occupational safety and working conditions of our employees is organized in the highest and in accordance with legal frameworks.


14th International Technical Seminar and Exhibition

Sintek attented to 14th International Technical Seminar and Exhibition in Belek which was held between October 10, 2017...

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